How I work

Sometimes people ask about the process of creating a picture. And I want to tell you a little bit about it.

The customer sends me a photo, with which he wants to create a picture. If it fits, I pick up the paper to match the pattern. I like to draw on colored paper, it makes the work brighter and more interesting. For this portrait I chose green paper. I had it in stock, and it matched the color. Although it also could be pale blue and pale grey. But it seemed to me, that green would be the best option, because in the photo too there is a lot of greenery.

1. I draw a picture on the selected sheet of paper.

2. I almost always start to work from eyes. And then work around. In this drawing, I also at first very generally identified the eyes and then began to work on the left side.

3. The next step was to clarify the eyes and start drawing the right side. Also in the process is constantly compared and refined tone ratio.

 4. Then I went back to the left side, worked it more from the bottom and started directly to the muzzle.

5. The final stage. The final study of all the details, the selection of the lightest and darkest places with watercolor paints. Work is done.

6. So this is the final work in comparison with the photo.