Do you love Falkor as I do?

Hello, my dear friends. Yesterday I finished my drawing, which shows an unusual creature. Do you recognize him?

I think, most of you have recognized this good giant from the wonderful movie “The neverending story.” Flying dragon Falkor with a dog’s head and a long body and without wings.

For the time of creation of the film 1983-1984 special effects looked really impressive. Length of the dragon was 15 meters, and he was equipped with a motor. His entire body was covered with angora goat hair and more than 10,000 glittering scales made of plastic. Falkor’s dog head was about 1 meter long and wide. To control the moving parts of the head required a whole team of operators.

Currently Falkor is exhibited in the Museum Bavaria Film Studios, and everyone can sit on his neck.

What other magical animal is so amazing? Huge, kind, wonderful. In the meantime, my personal endless story continues… I wish I had such a friend. And what about you?

I drew this dragon just for the soul. But if someone is interested in purchasing this picture, please write to me.

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