Hello, friends! I recently finished a very beautiful work. This time I had an order for a portrait of a wonderful dog breed brabanson named Zakhar. Zakhar is a well-known blogger, who has more than 13,000 followers on instagram. I recommend to subscribe to it, there is a lot of fun and interesting:

Because a quality of the photo was of very good, I decided to make an A3-size work. I’ve never done a solo portrait this size before.

Because the drawing is so big, I had to work hard on this portrait.

Let’s start with the fact, that I chose this photo, because I really liked the angle from which the dog is photographed. Yes, it distorts the proportions, but I think it looks interesting. I already did a French bulldog from the same angle, and the customer liked the result very much.
To the same on this photo is very beautiful glare in the eyes of. Finally, I had the opportunity to work on it on the scale, that I have long wanted.

Besides, I really liked the lighting. Muzzle looks usually, but right the bottom figure highlighted very interestingly, so that on wool even can be to see pink and lilac the glare. So my task was to keep it realistic, but at the same time add unexpected colors for wool, so that it does not look strange.

The work was not easy primarily because it is very big. So it took me a long time to do it. Such a dense color is obtained solely as a result of the fact that a lot of strokes of different colors are superimposed on each other. I do not do some common substrate in one color with watercolors for example, as is often done.

I had to work with the nose. The nose itself is a complex shape, but its surface is also very difficult. So I usually draw it near the end of the work, when I already know exactly what and how to do.

I don’t think about the background until the work starts coming to the end. Then it all adds up. In this case, it was necessary to designate the surface on which Zakhar sits and justify the glare on the right.

The customer really liked the work, and this is the most important thing. In confirmation of his words, I posted a screenshot with the profile of Zakhar. Go and see for yourself )

If you want to order a portrait in the same style, please write to me for all questions in the feedback form.

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