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Dear friends – new year, new life, new works.
My first drawing in 2020! Yesterday I finished a portrait, which I had wanted to draw for several months.
In the autumn I just lit up with this idea, and finally, my dream came true!
I’ll show you the portrait, and then there will be a big text.

My slogan is “There are only the most stunning men on my portraits”. And all the people I draw are very talented and gifted. This is what I admire in them, and external beauty is only a consequence of internal wealth. My portraits are of actors, sports people and other cultural spheres, but there have never been dancers before. Meanwhile, I love dancing, and I’ve been doing it for years. That’s why I admire professionals in this field.

And when I saw the video “Ride it”, I was just shocked by the work of the main character. In general, the entire clip made a very strong impression on me. I don’t know how many millions of times I’ve watched it. Lighting, different details, nuances, and, of course, the main character himself, his plastic – for me it’s just a masterpiece. Professional English dancer Harry Parr starred in this video.

For some time I had an idea, while I reviewed the clip over and over again, choosing interesting and suitable moments for the portrait. Light there is exposed — just lick your fingers! Red-yellow, green, beautiful! Candy, not a clip.

As a result, after some time, the concept finally matured, as an exotic sweet fruit. I chose a moment where there is tension in the face and interesting lighting. The point of the work is not just to make a copy, but to create some small story, to raise questions, to set the mood. The work was a bit difficult, because the image quality was not very good, because it was made from the video. But on huge inspiration everything is possible. And surprisingly fast. I am often asked how much time a particular job takes, so in this job I managed to count the hours – approximately it took me 12-13 hours. I made it in two days. It is a small format, A4. And in the graph, the size of the sheet greatly affects the speed of drawing, at least for me.

I want to say a few more words about the execution technique. For this portrait, I chose a smooth, thick brown-brick paper. The paper should be selected so that it helps, and not interfere with the work. I have had cases that blue paper greatly complicated the work on the drawing, because it created an unpleasant shade on the skin. And in this case, the warm brown fit perfectly. And the photo itself sets what kind of paper relief you need to choose. So I chose smooth instead of embossed paper, and it turned out to be correct. As usual, I worked with “Derwent” colored pencils.

The main photo shows almost no strokes, but it is as similar in color as possible to the actual drawing. And now I will show you the strokes, but not the color that is in the real work. The work looks very pale.

There were no special technical difficulties for me. Only a little work was needed on the eyes, because in the photo nothing was clearly visible at all, only color spots. But it worked.

In general, this is the case when the work was done in one go, and I am very happy with it. And that in itself is happiness for me, when I do, what I have in mind. But what a great happiness it was, that Harry also liked the work!

So my drawing is going to live in London!!! Is this not happiness?!!!

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