Rabbit family

Dear friends!
I want to present you my new work, absolutely wonderful order. The picture is called “Rabbit family”.
It happens sometimes, that happiness goes to my hands by itself. This is exactly this case. How nice when you can realize the wishes of the customer. Look at this wonderful family.

The customer told me exactly, what she wanted. How every member of the family should look, and whom he symbolizes. I wanted to convey in this work first of all the love, tenderness, community. This is a symbolic work. It means a lot more, than it shows. It is “multilayered”. I drew it just in one breath. And it happened very quickly. And I didn’t even expect, that I will do such intricate work in such terms. It happens, when all the stars converge, and then I look at my drawing and do not understand: “How did I do it?!» ))
This is definitely one of my drawing pearls. I have not done, perhaps, so touching and tender works. And I am so pleased that I managed to implement my plan.
I hope, it will be the beginning of the magical families, that I will be able to embody in my works.
If you have ideas to make a symbolic family for yourself or loved ones, please contact with me. And I will help you realize your idea.

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