Black-and-white portrait

Good evening, dear friends!
I haven’t drawn a handsome man for a long time. There is a folder “Ideas” in my laptop with many special photos of talented and interesting men. This time my constant “Muse” among them is Charlie Puth. This photo was waiting for the moment very long time, evem from the autumn. And now the day has come!

I’m known as a lover of experiments on humans, could not resist this time. Because it was the work for the soul, I had placed no restrictions on it. I was mixing techniques in a hopeless way.)) Colored pencils, watercolor, charcoal, everything was going to achieve my desired effect.
In the process of drawing interesting conclusions came to my mind. While studying I suffered with draperies and backgrounds. And it was useful after all! When drawing clothing I remembered precepts my teacher. ) Jacket, sweater — the same folds and fabrics. And about fur I remembered too! I have one still-life with my things, in which I was painting the fur. So useful skill after all these years! And hands something remember! )
Now a few words about the work. I rather carelessly created a blurred background using watercolors. I didn’t want to be neat. I wanted to highlight Charlie, not being distracted by the background. Pay attention primarily to the expression of the face, well, a little work with clothes and textures. Of course, it is a pure pleasure to work with such a model. All the more, this is his 4th portrait already. Yes, I am true to my traditions.) He, as a professional model, in their photos can look different.
But what I want to say, how goof the watercolor pencils and aquarelle work together.They make the process of drawing faster and more soft. I really enjoyed it.
So I will continue to combine them.
And I would be very interested to hear your opinion, friends. Feel free to write!

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